Vanessa Anderson- Another conservative voice on the horizon

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Vanessa Anderson- American, Black and Conservative

Remember the name Vanessa Anderson; we have a feeling you will be hearing a lot from her in the future.

She is one of the voices in a movement that is not getting too much attention.  As a matter of fact, if you ask certain liberals, they will tell you that Ms. Anderson and those who share her political political perspective does not exist.  Vanessa Anderson is a conservative who happens to be black.

More and more blacks are coming out of the “conservative closet” to share the common sense principles of conservatism.  Given the liberal bias of the mainstream media (as recently reflected by NBC with manufactured reports in the Trayvon Martin case), it’s a good thing that more and more voices are speaking out to spread truth.

Most of us have heard of the more well know black Conservatives like Michael Steele, Condoleeza Rice, Star Parker, Alveda C King, Deneen Borelli, and by now, Mia Love, the rising star shining brightly in the political arena as the Republican candidate in Utah; but there are far more black Conservatives than most realize.

When asked why she believed that liberals liked to downplay the role of of blacks in the conservative movement, Vanessa replied: “Probably because that is truly their wish. Black Conservatives shakes things up. We change the normal liberal tactics of crying racism at every turn. However, liberals are crafty…they quickly label us as sellouts, Uncle Tom and other racially derogatory terms.  Well, we don’t care about the name calling. It’s not like that’s going to shut us up. Nice try on their part though.”

Vanessa’s articles have been featured in, an online conservative magazine and The Conservative Fifty.  She discusses  current events and political issues on her blog titled Following Harriet. When asked how she came up with that name, she simply replied: “There are still slaves that need to be freed”.  She went on to say: “I’d like to think that I’m picking up where Harriet Tubman left off.  I truly understand what she meant when she said ‘I freed hundreds of slaves. I could have freed hundreds more if only they knew they were slaves’. See… whenever one believes that only the government can help them out of any given situation,  that person is a slave.  Freedom lives within our souls and we can do far more for ourselves than any government ever can.  I want the help people understand that.”

When Vanessa was asked how she planned to make a difference, she replied: “try to connect the dots for people to show them how liberalism is destructive. Making a difference is simply a matter of spreading truth… about black history in particular.”  She went on to say: “The history regarding Blacks in America is incredibly rich, but it has been stolen, distorted, revised and hidden for long enough.  Blacks should realize that we were more than slaves, and that we are not victims simply because some of our ancestors were slaves.  Some of them were doctors and lawyers… and much more…. they were amazing.  We descend from Americans that were of grade A stock!”

Ms. Anderson often refers to herself as one of the “ABC’s”: American, Black and Conservative.  Get to know your ABC’s, America… the building blocks of America’s future.

Keep your eyes and ears ready.  Vanessa’s  messages may not be politically correct, but they are factually correct; meant to be thought provoking, and are relayed in a matter-of-fact and unapologetic manner.

You can can read Vanessa’s blog, Following Harriet –, via email –; or through her online t-shirt store (for conservative and faith-based t-shirts and novelties) – Color Me Free

Follow her on twitter @vanderson39 or on Facebook-

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