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I don’t enjoy beating a dead horse, but it may just be necessary this once because people insist on confusing the issue in this Trayvon Martin case and it’s despicable at this point. He is a 17 year old boy who was walking back home with a pack of skittles and tea while being Black and wearing a hooded sweatshirt. As a result, he was shot dead by George Zimmerman who was repeatedly told by the police to leave the boy alone, but has now somehow avoided arrest by saying he was “defending himself” against the unarmed teenage boy. Not only was Trayvon unarmed and of no threat to Zimmerman, but Zimmerman had been following Trayvon in his car whilst carrying a gun.

No level of education is required to process this: Trayvon Martin was shot and killed for doing nothing by a man who ASSUMED he was a criminal simply because he was Black. Trayvon Martin was a victim of Criminal Profiling.  Why people are now trying to dig into a teenage boy’s past and portray him as some kind of thug to justify Zimmerman’s decision to kill him shows a serious underlying racist tone and overall lack of compassion in America as a whole. There is no relevance to any information about Trayvon’s life before that night. The only thing that matters is he purchased a pack of skittles and a tea and while walking home he was shot and killed by a racist man. The only crime committed here was murder, and as Trayvon is dead, I think it’s safe to assume he was not the person who committed the crime. So why is he, the victim, now being vilified in order for people to defend Zimmerman, a criminal who walks free?

For all those who seem to be upset about the media coverage of this issue and are adamant in continuing to say many people are killed a day and this is receiving too much attention, or that worse things happen, or that this should not be an issue of race, several things need to be explained to you.

First of all, this is DEFINITELY an issue of race. This was an issue of race the second it became clear that Trayvon Martin was a victim of CRIMINAL PROFILING, having been killed for being Black and thus, resembling a criminal… at least in Zimmerman’s mind. It was made painfully aware how the entire Black Race is being viewed by some and how we are in danger. In Zimmerman’s mind, Brown skin is equivalent to criminal activity. Furthermore, we seem to also not possess the right to walk down the street without threatening someone else’s security and being in desperate need of Zimmerman robbing us of our lives. Do not pretend as though this has become some kind of dramatized civil rights issue simply because a Black Boy was shot. Do not act as though the issue is whether or not other, more violent crimes in America are being committed. This has become an issue because in the year 2012, a 17 year old Black boy was shot on the basis of being Black and that threatens the safety and rights of every Black person living in this country. It’s the nature of this crime, the reason it took place, and the fact that nothing is being done to bring justice to a young boy who had his life taken away from him.

Lastly and most irritatingly, I address peoples misplaced anger at the media coverage of this case. Despite the fact that African Americans make up about 12.6% of the population and are in no way the engine that provides us with media and television, and are typically depicted poorly on television, somehow, White Americans find it very difficult whenever we are sympathized with by the media, even if something so extreme as a 17 year old boy being killed and his killer not being arrested, has to happen in order for us to garner that sympathy. If you are angry about the media coverage of this case, understand that this media coverage did not save Trayvon’s life, it has not brought him back to life, and it has not even brought justice to this tragedy, Zimmerman is still free. The point of this large scale media coverage is in hopes that through awareness, Zimmerman can be arrested and tried like every other criminal in America, just so the Martin family can BEGIN to grieve. If you are so small-minded that you can look past the fact that the authorities find themselves unwilling to arrest a man who has so blatantly committed a crime on the basis of race, and you are instead angry because that injustice is being given media attention, you are a deeply disturbed human being who is in need of serious help that no one on this Earth is capable of providing you with.

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