Santorum’s Big Night: Darkness in America

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Last night was a big one for the former senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum.  In his bid for the GOP presidential campaign, his winning trifecta in GOP presidential contests in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado have shown that at least some voter support exists for the view that black men should not support abortion, that income inequality is good for America, and that we should spend less time on our iPhones so that we can afford health insurance.

I’m not sure whether this represents a more enlightened view compared to the folks who cheered Ron Paul’s opinion that uninsured Americans suffering from terminal illness should just be left for dead.

One thing is certain:  There is a constituency of American voters who have taken the fable of “The Ant and the Grasshopper” to a whole new 21st Century level of Ayn Randian inhumanity. For those of us familiar with the age old Aesop fable, “Idleness brings want” is the moral of the story. This narrative concerns a grasshopper that spends the warm summer months singing while the ant worked to store up food for winter. When winter arrives, the grasshopper is dying of hunger. When the grasshopper begs the ant for food, the request is met with cold a denial, rebuking the grasshopper for its idleness.

Mr. Santorum’s professed but “i”Phoney Christian faith and that of his supporters have apparently made the leap from a bunch of self-satisfied ants in winter to a congregation of self-righteous magistrates who have adjudicated against the rights of a majority of Americans who happen to fall outside the suffocating confines of faux Christian enlightenment.

Although conservative voters have been divided over whom the nominee should be, last night’s results show that Santorum’s support has continued to gain momentum since December.   The ebb and flow of this constituency’s pick of the litter indicates that these folks are struggling to find the white upper class guy who can not only defeat the Black President who has hijacked “their” White House, but to banish the Alinsky style radical who wants to redistribute justice from the small minority of ants to the lazy, good-for-nothing step-and-fetch-it grasshoppers.

The resurgence of Santorum, and indeed the varying amounts of support for all the GOP candidates represents a very troubling trend in America among those who want to “take their country back” to a pre-suffrage and pre-civil rights period in our nation when gays were prompted to jump off bridges and Black women automatically sat at the back of the bus.

Perhaps the healthiest outcome would be to have a Santorum nomination.   We could then move on for a post-primary season of debates that gives a full vetting of his philosophical lunacies.  It would provide a stark contrast between a set of profound fallacies of the far right’s claims about what constitutes fairness and its disingenuous claim of Christian motivation and President Obama’s imperfect but far superior efforts to improve the lives of all Americans – even those who may have sung in summer but nonetheless need a little forgiving help simply because they are Americans.  And let’s hope that the vast numbers who represent the 50 percent who have slipped into poverty for no fault of their own are registered voters and have not slipped into thinking that income inequality is a good thing.


Now that we have reached half time in America, morning in America is depending on that.

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