Second is Never Best

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It’s amazing how the educational environment is constantly trying to shape itself into a glass easy enough for a slacker to hold.  More and more teachers are pushing these lies, “There’s no such thing as the right answer” or most painfully, “Everybody, get yourself into groups”. Whenever you hear such quotes, look around you and know that whoever smiles just revealed themselves as the weakest links. Independent learners are not antisocial, they realize that they work best alone and three extra, empty brains are nothing but dead weight.

Anybody familiar with reality is aware that there is always an answer and it’s either right or wrong. The only time there is no such thing as a right answer is in your mind, a world only you inhabit, kindergarten, or in Ancient Greek Philosophy. If you disagree with this, then you might as well acquaint yourself with a partner or a group, filled with equally dependent people who hide from reality in their minds and deem average as outstanding.

The average school teacher pushes group work on students because they unconsciously realize half of their students are incapable of performing without 3 other equally useless people and one over-achiever to pull them through, since our society functions this way. At least school teachers place us into groups without the audacity to lie to us, but College Professors try to be clever with their deception, providing their students with a reason. College Professors never present group work situations to students without a story like, “Studies show that most students perform better when they work in groups”. Maybe so, but it’s interesting that they either don’t wonder why students perform better or rather facilitate ways for the weakest links to survive, than to assign work that encourages independence and allows the leaders to shine.

The majority of the people in any society are followers and there’s nothing that makes a follower smile like a shortcut, and that’s what group work is. Group work is another way of trying to help followers hide from the reality that life is a big competition. Group work allows the followers, slackers, and the incapable, to free-ride off the work of the leaders, the strong, and the fully capable.  Group work is an easy way to make the slackers look nice, because their incompetence forces one person to become the leader in order to accomplish anything, thus forcing that leader to appear as a dictator, and perpetuating the idea throughout society that there is something attractive about being a useless member of an un-advancing group, while the real commodities are excluded, labeled, and momentarily- victims of depression, because the only way for this world to function is off of lies.

Reality is so often distorted in order to protect the weak and unrealistic majority of the world’s population. Parents force their children to join clubs, children tease the smart kids in class and independent learners are forced to work in groups in school even though they will spend their adult lives pioneering companies that supply jobs to the children that teased them in classes, who now have children of their own that they force to join clubs under the pretense that they’re going to be happy because they get the treat of calling themselves members.   It’s this idea that membership and just being a part of a group is enough, that causes people to believe second is best and to spend their lives striving, glorifying, and settling for middle class.

Understand that even though you may work as a group in school, and every member may appear to be equal, amongst yourselves, someone will be chosen as leader, and you may laugh at the fact that that person will do all the work, and you may think because all your group members receive the same grade, that the leaders work is for nothing, but you are wrong. In the bigger picture than your little school group, life, that person will dominate you and become the elite, and it’s at that time that I hope just being a member of the community is enough to satisfy you.  If you read that and roll your eyes, thinking to yourself: I know tons of happy middle class people, ask yourself how many of those people do you know that hasn’t envied people capable of, but too humble, to call themselves first class.

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