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Hello all.  Sorry for my absence over the past little while, been busy and not much has really annoyed me to the point that I should write about.

Until now that is…  So find a cup of coffee, a glass of scotch or since this is the season, a glass of eggnog – with rum.  A lot of it.

A very close person friend of mine had his Royal Bank Debit card stolen, taken, swiped, taken without consent or some equivalent.  The card was then used to deposit a bad cheque.  Now the bank is telling him that he are is responsible for the amount lost.  What amazes me is their logic of why they think it was his fault.  Actually … there is none.

I’ve held in my hands this amazing forged cheque – which looks as if it was drawn by two year old child with half a crayon, no sleep and dog barking at them – made it past their crack team of security people.  Then they locked the account, and when he called to find out what was happening, the person on the other line said not to worry, when you have time, just go to the bank and have it fixed.  Until collections started calling, he had no idea anything was seriously wrong, much less criminal activity.  Now, because he did not run to the bank – since they told him nothing was wrong, take your time – he is trying to be forced into paying what the thieves stole!

When does the victim become the criminal?  When does the victim have to pay for the criminal?  I thought we had moved past the view of laying blame on the victim.

It’s like being sexually violated and the victim held responsible because they wore provocative clothing.

There are countries where men can rape a woman who is gay.

There are countries where a woman can be put to death because she was raped.

And in Canada, it seems if you are a bank you can try and force the victim of a crime to pay for the wrongdoing against them.  In Canada it seems if you are a bank you can help to destroy a credit rating because a person is a victim of a crime.

In Canada, it seems that you can deposit a cheque using a stolen card – a cheque which looks as real as a Yeti having a coffee at a the local Tim’s – and have it signed on the back by not the person’s name who the cheque was made out to, but by the name of the individual who allegedly penned the cheque.

We pay bank fees while banks make hundreds of billions of dollars per year, you think they would have a better way to spot a real cheque verses an ink smudged painting of someone’s cat or a fraudulent cheque.

In my workplace I’ve caught fake credit cards, fake cheques and debit cards over my near 20 years in numerous industries.   I guess there are people out there who can thank me for that.  I for one did not blame the victim.  But then again, I’m only one person, not an industry.

Burn your crayons for now it appears innocent victims are the criminals.

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