The hate that governs us daily

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For as long as we write history, we hardly notice real love. We speak a lot about love and moralize about love, but in reality most of these actions are honey-tongued behavior but the heart is not in it. The hate is often an unconscious result of overvaluation or undervaluation. It is the result of not knowing who we are and with what purpose. This behavior covers reality in order to try to be polite or positive. Being polite or positive is a veil that distracts people from reality. As being polite means, you choose the words in such a way that you no longer express honestly what is on your mind. It is a guess for others what’s really on your mind or heart. Even you get lesser idea of what is going on inside of you. To express yourself only positive means you hide from reality. As reality is both the positive and negative side of something and our capacity to transcend above it. This way we hide already for centuries for the truth. We just continue to create even more veils over reality as we came to believe in a makeable world.
We started this behavior long ago when we handed in our own birthrights. One of them is the right that we can all communicate to the essence (energy). We handed this to the minister and we started to believe what this intermediary was preaching. Due to this, we started to lose contact with our inner Self. This opening created the opportunity for others to interfere. They knew our weak points and started to make us a believer of their product or business. Both the minister and us started to believe in this concept as for a while it seemed that the benefits were great. The bosses took this behavior over from the ministers and became acknowledged and ridge. All others had just to step in his shoes and do the same in order to become wealthy.
What we lost however was the contact with our inner selves and the reason why we are on earth. We lost contact with our origin and we forgot the commitment we made for this lifetime.
Hate is obviously present when people fear dead and do anything to avoid it. Hate is clearly present when we do not transcend above the parallels and paradoxes. Due to hate we all became eager of having more money, bigger houses, more tools, better sex and more spare time. These are examples of the temptation for which we fall. To have more, means we have to force ourselves up on the hierarchical ladder and deny another to have the same rights. It means that the first takes what he can get and is the winner. Such a person could step up on the hierarchical ladder and threw others from the same ladder. Only those who adored such persons were allowed to come close to him and work for him.
This system that is called the Pyramid system made society to split in different sections. Each section that became victim of oppression started to act as the person on top. They all started to hate each other, as they were taught during many ages that this was love for themselves. We support a person from his early days on to become such a Super Ego. Desire, greed, arrogance and hypocrisy became daily practice but are in reality the gates to hell than made man their slaves. This blind force made us willingly denying others to have an equal share in the community. All seems to depend on denying others their birthright and their piece of the cake. We deny even our own inner identity as we became convinced that the Super Ego is our identity. We lost all contact with reality. We just created a balance scale that is excessively on one side only. It is all about profit before anyone else might get it. This way we have even lost a balance with the sources on earth, with other species but above all the balance in ourselves.
The hate is this large that even persons with inner knowledge, vision and love are put to the margin of society and ridiculed. Written history has repeated itself once more as humanity lost insight.
We all fell for the illusion of the Maya. The illusion that we adored as she showed the illusion of wealth and gold for the second time in our written and known history. With open eyes and ears, we just walked into her pitfall and lost our selves. We have lost the real concept of love and life.
Pauline Laumans
Metaphysical Author & Visionary at Libertas in Vivo
Cell: (+) 31 618 541 278

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