Facebook Chat Reveals Truth About Donald Trump Debate

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Recently, there has been much speculation in regards to Donald Trump pulling out of his moderator spot for the scheduled GOP debate. However, below is a salvaged Facebook group-chat between Trump and some of the GOP candidates that should help clear any confusion. The transcript below is completely unedited and unchanged from the original conversation. Please be aware this transcript may contain what some may consider coarse or offensive language:

THE DONALD: Alright guys, so Paul’s out, big deal, that dude’s a total downer anyway.

Newt Gingrich: Can we hurry this up? I have an appointment with someone.

Rick Perry: A broad?!?

Newt Gingrich: Not cool Rick! It’s none of your business, besides enough with that kind of language, there’s ladies present.

Michele Bachmann: Thank you, Newt.

Rick Perry: Sorry Shell-bell, I bet you look smokin’ hot btw.

Mitt Romney: Hey guys! Sorry I’m late to the chatroom.

THE DONALD: We were just going over my debate, it’ll be December 27 in Iowa. The holidays are always a drag for me, that’s when all the people on death’s door show up to the casino, ya know? So, this’ll be good for me, I’m stoked.

Rick Perry: Who here wants to bet me $10 that I can finish this beef brisket in 6 bites?

Mitt Romney: Rick, stop it.

Rick Perry: Hey Santa-bear, I just Googled your name, I swear dude it never gets old.

Rick Santorum: Rick, I told you, stop calling me Santa-bear, and stop mentioning the Google thing, my kids use this computer.

Rick Perry: Yeah, when they’re not shooting commercials for you. Hey, what happened to that colored fella? (sic)

Mitt Romney: Rick, that’s not an appropriate term to use, and you know Herman dropped out of the race awhile ago.

Newt Gingrich: I still don’t know why, total BS

Rick Perry: Whatever Mitt, you’re just mad that I can finish this beef brisket in 6 bites

Mitt Romney: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Rick Perry: Bet me then! $10 dude! Wuss!

Mitt Romney: Rick, cut it out.

Rick Perry: Mitt, am reading your book, SNOOZE FEST LOL!

Rick Santorum: LOL

Michele Bachmann: LOL, Mitt’s book is about as exciting as a science book!

Rick Perry: LOL, that’s darned funny for a womern! (sic)

Mitt Romney: You know what, F-this, I’m out, I’m not doing your debate Donald. Sorry.

Newt Gingrich: You know maybe none of us should do this if Paul and Mitt are out, I’ve got a few meetings on the agenda around the holidays I’d like to keep…If you know what I mean.


Rick Santorum: I’ll do your debate Donald.


THE DONALD: Fine, you know what, I don’t want to do the debate anyway, because maybe I’m gonna (sic) RUN AGAINST YOU GUYS! Yeah, that’s right, that might just be what I do, and you guys better be ready!




(End of Transcript)

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