What Goes Around Will Come Around

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Our homegrown democracy movement has beed suppresesed by police and either censored or maligned in the corporate media, where the vast majority of Americans have their opinions and priorities manufactured for them.

While our government and military go around the world executing regime change in places like Russia ( Billary Clinton weighing in and giving a green light to anti-Putin protestors this week) and Iran ( drone flights to gather intelligence for pending Israeli aggression), American democracy activists aka OWS  should reach out to these countries for financial support and political support at the U.N.

Already, RT ( Russia Today) television has had excellent and sympatheti coverage of Occupy Wall Street protests.  The Russians would love to get back at the U.S. government for interfering in their internal affairs and accusing THEM of election fraud ( allegations which very well may be true) while the U.S. two party system and presidential elections are the most sophisticated  fraud of all time.



One can not help but ponder the possibilities of  making U.S. policies backfire after reading this article from the NY Times:


Putin Accuses Clinton of Encouraging Protesters


MOSCOW (AP) — Prime Minister Vladimir Putin strongly criticized U.S.
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday for encouraging
and supporting Russians protesting election fraud, and warned of a wider
Russian crackdown on dissent.

By describing Russia’s parliamentary election as rigged, Putin said Clinton “gave a signal” to his opponents.

“They heard this signal and with the support of the U.S. State
Department began their active work,” Putin said in televised remarks.
Clinton has repeatedly criticized Sunday’s parliamentary vote in Russia,
saying “Russian voters deserve a full investigation of electoral fraud
and manipulation.”

Russian protesters have taken to the streets in Moscow and St.
Petersburg for three straight nights despite a heavy police presence,
outraged over observers’ reports of widespread ballot box stuffing and
manipulations of the vote count. This week has seen some of the biggest
and most sustained protests Russia has faced in years, and police have
detained hundreds of protesters.

Thousands were expected to join protests in Moscow and other cities on Saturday.

Putin’s United Russia party barely held onto its majority in parliament,
with official results giving it about 50 percent of the vote, down from
64 percent four years ago. But the fraud allegations indicate that
support for United Russia was even lower than that, and Russians appear
to be growing weary of Putin and his party after nearly 12 years in

Moscow has already put about 50,000 police and 2,000 paramilitary troops on the streets, backed by water cannon.

Putin warned that the government might take an even harder line.

“We need to think about strengthening the law and holding more
responsible those who carry out the task of a foreign government to
influence our internal political process,” he said.

Russia’s only independent election monitoring group, which is supported
by grants from the United States and European governments, has come
under heavy official pressure in recent weeks. The Golos website
documenting violations was hacked and the group was fined the equivalent
of $1,000 after prosecutors accused it of violating election law.

Also Thursday, Russia’s top election official urged prosecutors to study
photographs and video clips circulating on social networking sites that
purport to show election fraud, and signaled that those who posted the
materials could be punished.

If the images show genuine violations, they will be investigated,
Central Election Commission chief Vladimir Churov said. But if evidence
is found that the photographs and videos were “provocations” or faked,
“those who created, commissioned or sponsored them will be held to
account, he said.

Opposition groups have called for a mass protest near the Kremlin on
Saturday. More than 26,000 people have signed up to a Facebook page on
the protest.

A map circulating on the Internet shows protests planned for Saturday in
more than 75 cities around Russia, while a page on LiveJournal lists
more planned anti-vote fraud protests in 15 countries around the world.

Mansur Mirovalev and Sofia Javed contributed to this report.




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