African American Conservative Vanessa Anderson has much to say about the state of Black America!

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I am a God fearing proud Conservative who happens to be Black. I feel incredibly blessed to have been born in the USA. I love my country enough to vigorously fight for the restoration of our republic. I’m also a person that has made a fair share of mistakes, from which I’ve learned a lot. These mistakes taught me many life lessons and I’d like to share what I’ve learned to prevent others from traveling the same unfulfilling paths. Could Vanessa be the Next Condeelza Rice? Or Star Parker?

I am passionate about bringing the issue of illegitimacy and all of the problems associated with it to the forefront of our nation’s consciousness; specifically in minority and poor communities. I hope to encourage the next generation of women the importance of putting the family back together to cure many of the societal ills associated with illegitimacy…specifically in Black communities.

I also want to work towards helping Blacks and other minorities regain their political power by reeducating ` with truth about the roles of the political parties, both past and present; again, specifically gearing this knowledge towards Black communities.

I want to strongly encourage people, especially women and Black women in particular, to live their Christian values. When one lives their values, it makes life easier, prevents a lot of unnecessary heartache and it brings peace, joy, clarity and economic and mental wealth. Living your values also helps one realize their self worth….too many women don’t recognize theirs any longer. Living your values out loud creates unadulterated freedom. This is why I created faith-based and conservative t-shirts. I want to live my values out loud because I’m not ashamed of what I believe.

As a nation, it’s time for us to re-evaluate our values; toss what is ungodly and embrace God’s guidance and be driven by values that are biblically sound. The benefit of doing this will create a more prosperous, functional and united nation… and who wouldn’t want that?

You can reach me at Following Harriet, email – ; or through my Color Me Free Tshirts website –





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