NYPD and NY Times, Tools of the 1%, Feed Us Another Phony Terrorist Plot; Clueless Black/Hispanic Man is Roadkill

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On the tenth anniversary of 9-11 we published a story about police entrapment and the creation of artificial  “terrorist plots”



Warriors on Terror Hunt for Sacrificial Lambs at the Bottom of the 99%


For the last ten years, nearly every high profile, front page “terrorist” has been an unsophisticated, low-income Black or Latino American man goaded into making incriminating statements by FBI agents or the police.

The target is surveilled for months, even years, as informants, ususally motivated by greed, provoke the target to make statements or take actions designed  to be used against him in a court of law.


The police gather an overwhelming dossier on the target and with more than enough evidence to gain a conviction, can decide to make the arrest at any moment.  But the moment of arrest is not random; it is highly calculated to yield the most political and propaganda value to the police, the spy agencies, the Dept. of Homeland Security and the ruling 1%.

When a victim of a set-up is deemed more valuable outside of prison, he is often blackmailed by the FBI into spying on his friends and neighbors.  If he refuses, his life becomes hell:




On Sunday, November 20, 2011, OWS called for a march on Bloomberg’s Upper East Side mansion on 79th street.  Many are calling for his resignation in the wake of the brutal eviction from Zucotti Park last week and frank admission that NYPD are arresting journalists for merely attempting to report on the protest and approaching the park.  Obviously, this is unconstitutional.  King Bloomberg must resign or be tossed out of office.

The loyal NYPD barricaded East 79th street and stopped demonstrators from even entering the block where Bloomberg mansion sits.

Last month we published an insightful article into Bloomberg’s Achilles Heal:



The American ruling class ( aka the 1%) is increasingly worried by the OWS movement to democratize the United Sates and crisis looms over the mayoralty of Michael Bloomberg, which he purchased fair-n-square by overturning term limits and massively outspending Democrat Bill Thompson.   He very well may soon regret his power grab.

On November 20, instead of covering Occupy Bloomberg Mansion and issues of real importance to the American people, The NY Times, property of the Upper East Side and Hamptons moneyed elite, published this lede:


City Bomb Plot Suspect Is Called Fan of Qaeda Cleric



The timing of this arrest and top media coverage is no coincidence.

The 1% will get as much mileage as possible from this manufactured scare, then the target will be convicted and forgotten like roadkill.  Without cash to buy good attorneys or knowledge of the Byzantine legal system and facing life behind bars, the target will surely plea bargain, thus “proving” that the accusations were true .   This is how millions of convictions are obtained in America, land of the free.   This is why America has the highest incarceration rate on Earth, and to some extent this explains why there are not too many people of color at OWS; they are imprisoned or too terrified of the state, which has searched and frisked and opened dossiers on nearly all of them for a generation, in blatant violation of their 4th amendment rights as citizens of the United States.


Observe this obviously staged photo-op from the same NY Times article:



“Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly of the New
York Police Department and Cyrus R. Vance Jr.,  the Manhattan district
attorney, showed a video depicting the effects of the type of bomb they
said Jose Pimentel planned to build and detonate. ”
The intelligence services created this plot as surely as they created the video of the burning car where Bloomberg and his police chief look on in horror for the photo-op.

The NY Times earns its keep by dutifully putting the “plot” on the front page, distracting attention from OWS while  ratcheting up fear about menacing darkies be they Arab, Latino or Black and beating the “War on Terror” drum that justifies the police crackdown and denial of our constitutional rights including assembly, press and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.

CNN is announcing “lone wolf” terrorist stopped in New York.  First they convict him in public (innocent until proven guilty is all but forgotten) then label him a “lone wolf” because there are no real accomplices or witnesses; there is no terrorist organization behind this “plot.”   He’s a one man terrorist cell from Hispaniola.  Common sense tells us that this bespectacled,  bewildered looking, knappy headed Afro-wearing Dominican Republic  immigrant to the United States is either retarded, mentally unstable or a patsy.  Terrorism is way, way out of his leagues.

This “plot” has been trotted out to distract the public from OWS and Occupy Bloomberg Mansion.  This “plot” will be followed by many more “plots” to remind you that their unending  wars abroad, denial of your privacy and restrictions on your liberty at home are necessary to keep you safe from the Bogeyman .

HPUB calls on all Americans to recognize what propaganda looks like.   Don’t believe the hype they feed us.  Support Free Speech TV.  Support Democracy Now.   Support Occupy Wall Street.  Show the banks who owns your money and show the media who owns your mind.  Show the politicians who owns your vote.   No more voting for the lesser of two evils; end the two-party farce of a system.  Abolish money in politics and fire the entire government in Washington.  Demand real elections and a parliamentary democracy.   Americans, take your country back from the 1%.



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