More on Strategy. “For Your Own Safety, You Will be Arrested and Moved Out of Harm’s Way”

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Now, in light of an arrest for not clearing out during a purported bomb threat, surely there lurks the notion,  in the dark, dark recesses of the minds of friends and foes of Occupy alike, that herein lies a new tactic.  Under the media savvy rubric of public safety, the plugs were literally pulled out on the generators that provided a trickle of light and warmth to the occupiers. Could a gentle, or not so subtle reminder of “terrorism” sway the public against the Occupy Movement and allow the cops to do their dirty work? 
Funny how the blowback is rarely anticipated.  If they can use “terrorism,” we can too.  WHAT if a hundred back-packs full of dirty clothes were to appear on random street corners and intersections across the city?  How many “if you see something, say something” phone calls would be lodged at police, who by law must respond to each call?   What would happen to the daily commute and business as usual?

Protester Arrested During Bomb Scare Evacuation


An Occupy Wall Street
protester in Zuccotti Park was arrested Tuesday morning after refusing
to obey police orders to evacuate the park steps during a bomb scare,
the authorities said.

In response to reports of an unattended
package nearby at Broadway and Liberty Street, officers said, barricades
were moved to the edge of the park. As officers instructed protesters
to move further into the park,  a man who had been arguing with officers
was handcuffed on the ground, at the top of the steps.

urged each other, in a chant, to “keep it nonviolent.” Many pulled out
phones and cameras to record the episode, in the event that tensions

The police did not immediately release the arrested
man’s name, but fellow protesters identified the man as “Hero.” He has
been arrested here before, said Elisa Miller, 38.

Reiss, 55, a protester who grew up in Murray Hill, Manhattan, said
out-of-town protesters became defensive because the police did not
properly communicate that bomb scares, particularly in Lower Manhattan,
are fairly commonplace. “Frankly, I didn’t know they were so concerned
about our safety,” Mr. Reiss said, “after the pepper spray.”

barricades were removed around 11:20 a.m. Officers declined to comment
on the nature of the threat, but they said the area was now safe.

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