Herman Cain Denies Sexual Harassment

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Why is October 31 2011 a big f***ing deal? Well, for the kiddies out there it means a great night of Trick or Treating, but for political junkies like myself it has a much darker and sinister appeal this year. Everyone’s favorite sideshow candidate for the Republican nomination is trying to duck under rocks or slip into any snake’s hole in the ground to avoid the questions fielded by any reporter worth his salt in the media today. That question is “Mr Cain, are you guilty of sexual harassment against those women?’

To counter the already looming avalanche that is certain to tumble his prospects for being the country’s 2nd black president, Mr. Cain sent his cigarette smoking, hero cowboy Chief of Staff to do the usual ‘bob and weave’ on the MSNBC’s Daily Rundown with everyone’s favorite, Chuck Todd. As expected Mr. Block was as close to being declarative as he could be without actually saying that he was there and saw that nothing happened. Having now had my 2nd look this morning at Mr. Block, the 1st being the ‘Cain for President” (now viral) ad, where Mr. Block is smoking and puffing smoke at the camera, I must say he looks completely human…and likable. He seems to be a soft spoken and honorable man, one wonders what evil things he did in his last life, to be saddled with Herman Cain in this one.

Apparently the Cain Campaign is deflecting all questions to the outfit which he headed during the alleged claims between 1996 to 1999, the National Restaurant Association. One wonders if that will be enough to lay this issue to rest, since the women in question were made to sign agreements that gave them financial ‘incentives’ to leave albeit under the restriction of what could be called a ‘Gag Order’. Only the future will tell if this ‘Gag Order’ is airtight, or if Mr. Cain will be forced to resort to ‘greasing the wheels’ again, to encourage these women to develop some sort of ‘forgetful’ behavior about the incident.

One can expect Rick Perry–the man waiting in the wings with the most to gain and hoping that the impending nosedive of Herman Cain’s campaign will serve to reinvigorate his own–to launch a frantic attack and grab at the throat of Cain’s now choking campaign and squeeze it for all it’s worth. This is going to be a wonderful and eventful Halloween 2011 indeed, with Herman Cain screaming “bring me facts, let me face my accusers” …while he drowns in an apparent mess of his own making. Here is how the BBC reports it.

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