Pastor Oral Roberts’ Gay Grandson Has A Message…

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Many do not know who was Oral Roberts but many of us who are old enough do…He put the Evangelic TV Productions on the map, he was truly a great pioneer in this field…in the 1970’s. He was a good man, as all people are…some of them just don’t know it. Because some don’t know it, they are confused about just what to do about the fact that they themselves are Gay, or that there are Gay people living on Earth. They are confused because there are many uninformed Religious opinions about how and why there are Gay people and they are confused about what Religious dogma says about Gay people. Religion says that being Gay is some kind of sin…that is just confused and uninformed on so many levels.

Gay people are people …plain and simple. Just as you and I…who dress warm in the winter, eat food so we will live another day and love life and those close to us. We do what we think we need to do to be happy, healthy and alive…this is exactly what Gay people want too. They want to be happy, they want to be healthy and they want to live and love as they feel happy doing. That’s all…end of story.

Religion is the largest stumbling block to Gay people. Their wish to just live a happy, healthy and normal life, is just what any human being wants for themself…normal life…yes I said that and did not make a mistake…it is normal to be Gay…or straight. It is not a curse from some idiotic god, it is not a mistake of Nature it is just what some people are, regardless of how, when or why they find themselves being Gay. Some of us are born Gay, some of us fall in love with being Gay and some of us physically change and become Gay later in life when our Hormones start changing from Testosterone, to become Estrogen…and vice versa. I live in New York City where I have come to know all these people and everyone is a star…one of my friends even did the whole sex change thing…and I love him for who she now is…

One may argue that changing Hormones do not a Gay person make…and we are just instead embracing our Gay side that was already there…maybe…human beings are so different, so dynamic and so wonderful, that all of the above is true.

I understand the Gay issue from being on the outside and then being thrust headfirst inside it…it’s not as big a deal as those who misunderstand it think it is. There is a saying that goes…”Don’t just watch…BE” …they are just being real, being themselves, their loving selves, while those who misunderstand are being something they are really not…and that is being hateful.

Humans are really not meant to be hateful, but ‘The Bible tells us so.’…(that’s part of a children’s song.) Yes, children are indoctrinated into the hateful part of all religious cults at a time in their lives when they are susceptible to this hateful rhetoric …when they are defenseless to ward off the hate spewed by the elders of the religion…so they grow up to become hateful religious adults…something Pastor Oral Roberts and those preachers (snake oil salesmen) like him have done since religion was invented and women were deemed lesser and unclean…this is why it is so refreshing to see his Grandson son trying to create and grow a movement that changes the thinking of these mentally damaged Evangelists and all other religious people. Hate is a disease of the mind…so yes they are mentally damaged.

Pastor Oral Roberts’ Grandson is Randy Robert Potts, his Facebook page is …go like it…

This is his message…
“Young gay kids are still dying. In the words of U2’s Bono, “How long to sing this song?” In 1950, gays did not have the Constitutionally-guaranteed right of assembly — even a gay book club could be legally broken up by police who summarily recorded names in order to publicly shame gay men and women. We’ve come a slow, long way, and like Dr. King, we can finally see the promised land — but — we aren’t quite there.
There are STILL gay men and women questioning if they are a decent human being with any reason to live, and most of them come from Evangelical backgrounds. The largest group still opposing gay rights in America are Evangelicals — convince them to change and we’ll change the country. When the first major Evangelical leader publicly embraces gays with open arms, well, that will be the beginning of the end. It’s not far off.

This is the time to be speaking out — as far as I can tell, the iron is hot! I am a grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts who just happened to be born gay; 31 years later I found a way to embrace my big gay heart. I am a writer, hoping to brighten my grandfather’s legacy in terms of the “gay question” – young Evangelicals are currently asking “What should we do with the gays?” when the question should be “What would we do without them?” We are not out to change minds — we are out to calm fears.

Evangelicals are scared. They hear from their leaders that gays are poisoning society, that their god destroys cities on account of homosexuality, that two men loving each other is disgusting to god. Address this irrational fear head on, and minds will change of their own accord. This is not a fight we’re going to win with logic. The only task today is to spread hope. Hope, to young gay kids. Hope, to scared Evangelicals. Hope, to politicians walking the fence.

Spread enough hope and someday we can live the dream Dr. King spoke about 50 years ago –“I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”” It’s almost here.”

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