Herman Cain Wants Scientific Proof For Being Gay, Well Here It Is…

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Whereas many people have not researched this particular subject, I have…for the past three years, so here are my findings, for those who have not read the chapter ‘Evolution’ in my book ‘Shock and Awe on America’ which discusses this very topic…
Some feel that this article is very powerful…too powerful…and may be misunderstood by many, I understand that… but this discussion is happening in many circles right now and I refuse to have the “Rabid Religious Right” look down on us as being the scientific and the un-religious wrong. Many feel that although something wrong was done to them, causing them to be a different person than they would or may have been otherwise, they are still a beautiful, equal and perfect person regardless, they would just prefer that the cause, which is in this case toxic and poisonous substances, should not become the norm for future generations to be affected by.

We all have children we care about…and want grandchildren who are also unaffected by these toxins. Whoever they grow up to be is beautiful, there are no regrets… period! This is why there is a passionate push to eradicate these toxic and poisonous chemicals from our bodies. I know many people are homophobic and neither this article nor the science behind it is, but… this is not one of those tough issues that can or should be swept under the rug with the hope that no one will notice or be offended. I assure you I am not one of the religious right…as all my readers know.

There are two chemicals/chemical groups of concern. The first is the chemical Bisphenol A or BPA, and the second is a group called Phthalates. Both BPA and Phthalates are Endocrine disrupters, they disrupt the human endocrine system and this is a problem…especially when it disrupts the human embryo who is changing to a boy or girl fetus at seven weeks old.


The short story is this, these chemicals prevent the human embryo from using the hormone Testosterone to assist in a complete change to a boy, as a result the embryo sometimes changes to a girl fetus at a ratio of approximately 3 to 1, that is there are 3 girls born to every 1 boy, instead of the 2 to 2 ratio you would normally expect… but alas, there are many problems when this change process is disturbed. Firstly, not all
human embryos have a complete change physically and mentally to a girl or boy when the process is disrupted.

The disruption of the process can result in physical and mental changes which would not have previously happened, these changes can vary dramatically, sometimes resulting in a fetus having a boy’s body with a girl’s mental wiring and vice versa. Other changes can result in a boy with a girl’s genitals and vice versa. These changes are so varied it is impossible to guess how many changes these babies are born with and of
course changes are not a bad thing.

Many would just prefer that people willingly choose to become who they want to be in their future, rather than having a particular circumstance being thrust upon them. The general feeling is that the Homophobic, hateful people make it so difficult to be a gay person that some wish they were not born that way, not because the Homophobes are right, but because life is hard enough without these idiots trying to make it harder with
their hateful religious ways.

Because the brain controls the production of certain hormones, there is room in this scenario for the babies or even adults to have the delayed differing variations of hormones or hormone production stemming from this endocrine disruption, as the cells’ DNA becomes damaged during the disruption.

A male adult may have his Testosterone level change to Estrogen at a much earlier or younger age and at a faster rate than is normal, because of the disruption, resulting in a seemingly straight man becoming or preferring to have sexual preferences to other men, after first being married and having kids. We all remember New Jersey’s Gov. Mc Greevey. The possibilities are endless and this can also apply to women.



You can be assured of the accuracy of the science by following the money, this endocrine disrupting effect from these chemicals caused Walmart to remove thousands or possibly millions of Baby Bottles from their shelves, thereby losing millions of dollars… why would they do that? Follow the money …

Please feel free to question these findings and conduct some of your own research.
You can download the first half of my book which contains the evolution chapter here
for free… http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/16169

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