Message from the American People to President Abbas

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World Applauds While Our Diplomats Sit, Stony Faced. What a Disgrace.        (click on link)


Dear Mr. President:


We don’t profess to know much about Palestine and Israel, but we do know every one has a right to count and to be counted;

every one should have one vote and every one should have a voice and equal protection under the law, including international


Every one should have freedom of speech, freedom of movement and the ability to obtain a passport and travel in this

globalized world of ours.

That is why we support your bid to run your own affairs as a free people.  Because its the right thing to do.

Please forgive the embarrassing behavior of our diplomats and our president, who really should know better.

Our government’s foreign policy has been hijacked by moneyed interests and religious fundamentalists who have an ideological

agenda that has no place in our secular nation, except for the editorial pages of a free and open press, to which they too are



As Bob Marley put it, “Get up.   Stand up.  Stand up for your rights.  Don’t give up the fight.”





The People of the United States of America.

P.S.   A nation that believes in liberty and justice for all… from the state of Georgia…to the state

of Israel, referred to on Capitol Hill as the “51st state.”




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