At U.N, Obama is Israel’s ******

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A Maariv cartoonist captures the shame of Barack Obama’s UN
performance, at which he stood tall for Israel, even taller than Bibi
Netanyahu.  In fact, Israeli columnist Nahum Barnea called the U.S.
president “Israel’s ambassador to the UN.”

This, of course, is welcome news in an Israel used to international
isolation and opprobrium.  What no one’s apparently told Maariv’s
readers and all Israelis is that Obama’s speech fell flat with everyone
outside of Avigdor Lieberman and Aipac.  What Israelis should be doing
is not celebrating the sycophancy of Barack Obama, but the fact that his
speech dropped like a lead balloon outside of the narrow pro-Israel
circles in which it was heralded.

The Hebrew caption reads:

Barack Strikes (or “Barak’s Blow”)

It was supposed to be one of the most difficult weeks in the history
of the State.  A signpost toward national decline and an unprecedented
developing international isolation.  Then Barack Obama saved the day.




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