Newly Formed ‘Pirate Party’ Launches in the US

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While the Tea Party continues to receive media attention, on the left, Blue State Democrats are becoming Bluebeard Democrats with the launch of the Pirate Party in the northwestern United States. Inspired by the recent success of the Pirate Party in Germany, a small group of Americans have decided to launch a Pirate Party of their own. The Pirate Party is in response to the Tea Party, however instead of being funded by the Koch brothers, the Pirate Party has launched on a shoe-string budget of college kids’ beer money, several unemployment checks from laid-off social workers, and anonymous donations from supporters who “may as well see if this thing takes off.”

Anita Voice, President of the Pirate Party, explains their diverse platform. “Many Americans feel that the mainstream Democratic Party no longer represents them, much like the Tea Party felt towards the right, we represent those voices, while the Tea Partiers were wasting valuables in a harbor, we were seeing the world with a bottle of rum!”

The Pirate Party’s members vary in age however are dominantly within the 18-29 demographic. General Pirate Party principles include advocacy for marijuana reform laws, civil and gay rights activism and environmental policy and protection. “Especially when it comes to drilling, we need to be protecting the rivers and seas..arrrr!” barks Voice.

While the party has yet to win endorsements from any members of Congress, Pirate Party members generally support politicians such as Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Ron Paul (R-TX), and Cheech & Chong. While the passion of the party and its members is strong, Voice acknowledges the long and sure-to-be-difficult journey ahead of them.

“We’ve got a long way to go, and we don’t have the tools that the Tea Party has. They’ve got support ranging from politicians to players in the mainstream media to billionaires, we don’t have any of those tools…all we’ve got is a pocket full of dreams, a small office space in Eugene, Oregon, and some coupons for free organic coffee one of the local cafés gave us.”

Despite the odds being stacked against them, Voice remains optimistic, and her hope does not dwindle. “You’ve got to start somewhere, might as well be here.”

Future plans, she says, include increasing membership and finding an official spokesperson, preferably a recognizable figure.

“I found a couple numbers on the internet for both Johnny Depp and Keith Richards and I made a few calls, we’ll see if anything happens there…if not, I guess I’ll have to figure out a plan B.”

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