Morsels for a New Writer

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Morsel for the writer

Writer Novice

I enjoy writing but being a novice contemplated on whether I had what it took to be a good writer.  After many hours of reading and studying it became plain to me that it boiled down to one thing: Like any other craft it must be practiced every day.   Indeed this skill would require diligence, discipline and creativity.  Discipline being the forerunner of the three because without it your creativity will never blossom and you’ll never be able to see the fruit of your perseverance.

Writer Tidbits

Inspired to become a more proficient writer I picked up a few tidbits along the way that have madethe process a bit more realistic to accomplish.

– Always keep a pocket notebook on hand, inspiration can come
from anywhere. Writers are ready at all times.

-Choose a location and time everyday that allows you to think freely. (Too many distractions will definitely leave you feeling frustrated).

-Try starting with fifteen minutes a day as a starting point
and gradually work your way up.  Some
days this will come easier than others and you may have to press in a little more.

– Jotting down simple words as opposed to sentences can sometimes
be helpful in combating writer’s block.

Journey of a Writer

– Most important be patient with yourself and learn to enjoy
the journey. Good writers are not born but develop over time with lots of
practice.  If you enjoy what you are doing then it will become less of a chore and you’ll be able appreciate all those milestones you make along the way

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