True Life: I Want To Be Straight

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MTV has a show called True Life in which they follow teen/young adults around that are dealing with some type of issue as in being addicted to drugs, or being an outcast in their school, etc.. On one particular episode, they followed two people, a male and a female, both of whom lived a gay lifestyle but now they want to be straight. The female is doing it because of her mother. When her mother found out she was gay (her mother caught her with another woman) her mother stabbed her – literally. The male in the show is doing it for religious, as well as family reasons. I watched about 14 minutes of this show before turning it off. I still have it on my DVR but I am about to sock these two people because of what they are doing which is telling the world, the ignorant part of the world., that being gay is a choice, which it isn’t. Oh and I better ad, that the guy in the show is even seeing a therapist to rid himself of his homosexuality. Yeah- that should be enough to piss anyone off.

My mother thinks being gay is a choice and it’s not. Why would I, or anyone, make the choice to be gay and put ourselves at risk of the ignorant asses out there? We wouldn’t. But we aren’t going to conform to what others think we should be. My mother still hasn’t accepted who I am and who I am with and that’s fine with me. I talk to my mother every blue moon, but when she starts bringing up my sexuality and treats it like it’s a choice I made and such, I have shut her down and be clear of her for a few years. But I’m digressing from the point of this blog.

There are people, like my mother, a lot of people, who feel that being gay (I decided to lump us all in one category) is a choice. There are choices we make because it is something we like. I choose chocolate ice cream over vanilla because I like it. I choose football over basketball because I like it. I choose blue over yellow because I like it. All these things make me feel good. Being gay is not a choice- it is what I am. I did not choose my brown eyes. I did not choose to be deaf in one ear. I did not choose to be dyslexic to a point (I transpose numbers but can remember numbers like nobody’s business). I choose none of this. But I learned to live with it. But being gay is something I have learned to accept of myself (took a lot of years) and for these two people to try to change who they are for someone else, I don’t care who it is, just disgust me. Yes, I may be writing out turn for I have not finished the show and for all I know, they may remain who they are. I will do follow up to this blog once I have finished the show.

Society today seems to be more accepting of homosexuality. They may not agree with it, but it seems they are a bit more supportive of us. I would do anything for my mother but conform to her view point of how things should be. I will not conform to any one’s view point on how things should be. I do not flaunt my sexuality at all for it’s how I choose to live my life. Pretty much anyone that myers to know know I am gay without me telling them. No I am not butch nor am manly I. Anyway. Some people have gaydar – I know I do. But anyways.

This has probably been a lot of rambling and somewhere in the middle of this rambling there is a point and the point will continue once I have finished the show with the end results of the two people.


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