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The political climate in the United Sates hasn’t been this hot since the Kennedy/Johnson Vietnam War era. The two major political parties are so misaligned, that it appears as if absolutely nothing can be accomplished in congress that may have any positive impact upon aiding our ever failing economy. And as our economy goes, so does the rest of the world’s economies. It really is a scary time.

It seems that the only thing we’re any good at is starting wars and killing people. It may be time for the U.S. to stand back and let some of the cards land where they will. We simply can no longer afford to foot the bill for attempting to be the world’s policemen.

We should still be able to continue our covert operations around the world in order to ensure our security, but as far as going into other countries to try and change regimes, our leaders need to come to the realization that we cannot handle coming to the aid of every mistreated population on the planet. We will collapse trying. We are collapsing.

We should concentrate our efforts at this time at getting our own fiscal house in order, so that we can save future generations from having to pay for our mistakes. Most baby boomers feel as if they never will have a chance at retiring, and that they may have to continue to work until they can no longer physically do so.

The divide that has been generated amongst the American population’s political philosophy has been driven to such an extreme clash of opinions, that there doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight. Our leaders are ineffective, and are living in their own little world in Washington, apparently unaware of the wants of the people. We are lost, without a strong leader to point the way.

Some of the blame must be placed upon our media, as most news sources have become little more than either “left” or “right wing” propaganda machines. As you read the printed media, watch televised news reports, and surf the web for hints as to what the realities of our situation may be, it becomes increasingly obvious that it is very difficult to get a handle on where the truth may lie.

Our president is obviously a bright man, but it sometimes looks as if he has lost the direction which he had promised us he would take this country while he was campaigning for the job. He said he was going to end the wars which we were in, but instead, we find ourselves deeper imbedded in violent confrontations in what appear to be “no win” situations.

Maybe, as was suggested by many as he was running for office, he was simply too young, inexperienced, and idealistic for the job. Maybe we should raise the age which you must be to hold the most powerful position in the world. Life experience can mean a lot when you are faced with situations which require quick and decisive actions.

It is my belief that we will eventually find our way back to the greatness which we deserve. Hopefully, our leaders will find the will and focus to work together to bring much needed solutions to very difficult times and unique problems.

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