Dream apps, Original Sin and Digital STD’s

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We can’t see the stars any more. We no longer look towards that great
blackness of space, and dream. In fact I assume in a few generations I would not
be surprised if the human race is unable to look up anymore. It’s already
started you see, dear reader. More time is spent looking down at out handheld
devices throwing birds and bird sounds around to remember what is it to even be
able to dream.

But fret not, for I’m sure there will be a portable app for that soon as
well. There will no longer be a need to look up at the night sky. Why look up
when you can see the pixilated images of starlight in high definition? Screw
that, why not have a program to help you to live your dreams through the app
rather than having to try to succeed on your own? Success is usually hard.
Imagine a program where you can find a better job, more friends, better housing,
and an original sin where the only STD one would have to worry about weakens
your online character until you reboot. Why try to succeed when you can spend
hours making a virtual ‘you’ succeed? And if you fail, why just start over. It
may take hours, days, weeks of your time, but it’s easier than doing it in

Why stop with the stars? Why stop with your dreams? A new family, a better
family might only cost you online cash. You want to see what it’s like to be a
cross-dressing world savior, or an employee who’s employer actually gives you
national holidays off? There will be an update for those options in Version 1.1.

In 1969 we touched the sky. It may have been the Moon, but at least it was
something. We proved that if it was dreamt, it could be possible. Strap your ass
to a giant rocket; stick a tube into your body and put a glass mason jar on your
head and voila! A Spaceman was born! We touched the cuff of the sky, and the
stars were next. What I can only assume happened next was, ‘Been there, done
that’. Throughout history mankind has made great leaps in advancement over the
past few generations … then it slowed, and now finally paused. Someone sat on
the remote and paused Humanity mid-sentence. We have become too tired, too fat
or too complacent to move our ass from that soft sofa which gently cuddles us
after a long day or reality and a long night of digital life to walk over to the
DVD player and press play.

We no longer see the stars. We no longer dream. Living life on your phone or
online is usually much easier. We gain respect for what we do, rather than
having respect thrown on us for the amount of money we are worth or our family
name. We have to dream again, look up at that sky and wonder what is out there,
what there is to discover. Looking at the devices held in our hands will not do
it for us. The scary thing is, if that application was for sale today, how many
would purchase it? I have to admit, I would probably line up on that day, with
my finger on the ‘purchase software’ button.

I still hope in Version 1.2 they will have a way to deal with the werewolves
who take my underwear.


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