The NFL could teach the government about negotiations

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As I was thinking about more and more this week, I finally understood that Congress and the White House could learn a lot form the National Football League lockout.  Negotiations of any kind cab be good and bad, but I decided to take a unusual approach when I broke this down.

To start, you have to look at the people involved. In the case of the NFL, you have Roger Goodell, who plays the role of President Obama and NFL Players Association President Kevin Mawae, who plays the role of House speaker John Boehner.

Unlike the Federal goverment which is out of money and short on time. The NFL is tring to split 9 Billion in revune, however the also have the issue of time not being on their side.

The owners, which will repersent Republicans in Congress, wants to control saleries. As for Congerss, they want to cut spending. Your difference between the two is Congress is playing the game and the owners are not opening their books on how much they are making.

The players, which will repersent Demercrats in Congress, just want their fair share and according to is about “owners wanting more from players without justified reasons or restitution.”

When you look at the NFL, their issues started when the owners decided to op out of their end of the agreement before last season, meaning that there was no salary cap. Congress on the other hand, knew that this was coming last year and kept putting it off until the last possible moment. Also the Players Union decertified and became a Trade Union to go to court. Why is this part simular? Republicans in congress went the hard line route on the issues of the government, minus the Federal Judge.

As everyone knows, Rebublicans have walked out a few times, just because they can not get what they want. The NFL on the other hand has basically been really open about what is going on. I knw that they are not talking about everything, but everyone is in the look as far as updates and it is fulid.

Two thing is holding up the negoiations in goverment. The first thing is taxes from the Bush era. As I said eariler, this repersents the players as far as their fair share. In both cases, it is all about the money and how much you can get. The second part is entitlements. Demercrats do not want to cut Social Secuity or Medicare for any reason. For the NFL, this issue is for the retired players. For them, it is all about health care. Football is a violent sport and they just want to be taken care of.

Finally is what could happen. For the goverment and the NFL, disater looms. Everyone knows what could happen if the goverment defualts on their loans. As for the NFL, it could set them back years. I herd the saying “You could drive the wagon, but you still need the horses to pull it.” The Hall of Fame Game in Canton got deep sixed Friday and the Pre Season is not a huge question mark. According to the Assioated Press, the players association’s executive committeewill meet in Washington on Monday. For the NFL, there could be a vote durning the week and for them it is back to business. The goverment on the other hand, is playing with fire and they know it. The sad part is, with all the players involed, they are just playing the game. The NFL shows that if you are open about the matter, everyone understands. Only if the government could this model.

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