Rupert Murdoch’s Fall From Grace Is Good For America And The World.

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Evil is as evil does. Plain and simple. Many who have read my articles have seen me ask that we see “them” by their actions. “Them” being whomever the article is focused on at the time. This time it is focused on none other than the most powerful figure in world wide media…Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch and his band of misguided cohorts and minions have done irreparable damage to the institute of Journalism. These unforgivable people have systematically stripped the Journalistic process to the core, to its bare bones. I do think this scandal being broken is a good thing. News Corp has used it’s power and influence to strangle smaller news media and other enterprises around the world to the point of no return, causing dozens of them to close down or be gobbled up by the giant itself. The world has suffered mightily at the hands of News Corp.

It is no secret that New Corp employs any and all methods to devastate it’s victims and then buy them up when they are wounded and most vulnerable…as highlighted by Rachel Maddow on her show on July 18th. The Murdochs have caused the American elections to be hijacked by Fascist elements for years and indeed caused so much devastation in America through various means of manipulation that it is a welcome thing to have them investigated here in the US.

It is proven that a dog who likes to suck eggs on your farm will also suck eggs on your neighbor’s farm…it takes no stretch of the imagination to understand that the corrupt practices News Corps companies engaged in overseas are more than likely to surface here in America…as that dog liked the underhanded and dishonest …not to mention illegal way they operated and drummed up their news stories. They broke all the rules, they bribed officials, they tampered with evidence in murder cases, they smeared the characters and good names of countless people over the years while pursuing stories, and they did not stop there. One whistle blower has already turned up dead, I am sure the authorities are concerned for the safety of their witnesses after this.

They singlehandedly used their evil practices to change the world for the worst. We do not have to look far to see the impact Fox News has had on American elections and the rise of the Tea party and other Fringe groups that threaten the very state of existence of America. They fed the flames that caused George Bush to steal the elections and then ran countless stories to quell the uproar of millions who had their votes negated by the Supreme Court. They are like cancers fed by Fox…in the body of this great Country.

One can only sit and wait with bated breath for the investigations to reach our shores, so that real News Media…the little mom and pops news outlets and journalists in the little towns that no one ever heard of around the country,will start to operate again. Maybe they can bring true journalism back to what it was meant to be…before the dogs ripped it apart and sucked the very life force out of it. I hasten to mention, when Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow and other journalists bring these evil tactics to light, it is not just for laughs, but also to shine the light of journalism on the dark people and practices that is Fox News.

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