Flat Earth, Parents Voice and the Gay Gestapo Enrollment Effort.

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Gay people will recruit your children, teach them to drink Cosmopolitans and wear tight leather pants. These could be the possible cries of a small group of people speaking out against a School Board who decided to teach about gay sexuality and equality. Move over gang initiations. Move over drugs, guns and underage pregnancy. There is something more important to fight for, and that fight is against equality. And these people are using words to symbolize their burning crosses, their hang-man’s ropes and internment camps. So I figure, dear reader, they may have their words, but I have a voice, and it’s called logic. Or being an ass. Having really decided which.

A parents group in Western Canada calling themselves Parent’s Voice has launched a battle of words with the dangerous that face their children. And before you applaud them for wanting to protect their children from fatty foods, violent video games, planking or gun play, their attack is against gay people. The right of a school board to teach about homosexuality in a sex education class.

Let’s pause here for a moment and think about this. In Western Canada where gang wars, drug wars, domestic abuse and shooting are on a rise, and each offering the younger members of society to fit in rather than growing a fake farm on-line, they are afraid of teaching their children homosexuality is not something to be hated, to be feared and should be protected. Protected. People should be protected. All people should be protected against hate. So put aside whatever feeling you may or may not have about equal HUMAN rights for gay people, and let’s look at it as it meaning. Parents are teaching their children hate.

And if you are still with me, dear reader, either to respond to this entry with silly words like ‘gay is against god’ or to agree with me, this is where we start having some fun.

Let the Parents Voices ring out! We have to protect the children! Think of the children! We have to remove anything that does not fit in with our beliefs! We can’t have children growing up believing the earth is round, we can’t have them growing up they are all equal. Imagine what kind of flat would that would be. Parents would be holding their children tight as they jump from the edge of the world in order to protect them. Gay people are not equal. Why, if they were, who would there to be hate? Society has gotten rid of all the peoples we have hated in the past. So I say why stop there? Teaching children gay is right, might make children turn gay! The same way hanging out with fat people will make your children fat. The same way having Black children in your schools will turn your children black. Or Chinese. Any Asian for that matter. Why stop at the people who have known injustice? Can’t have any other religion in that school, either. Can’t confuse the poor, innocent little empty slate of a mind absorbing such information. So kick out the Jewish children, out goes the Pentecostals, Scientologists, and anyone who do not sleep with the bible (yes I know I’ve used the non-capital spelling).

And to the brave parents, who say that it will not allow the ‘gay community to recruit, recruit, recruit’, I salute you. Since this quote had been made by a Chinese woman, we understand it’s heart felt. There have never been any bias against any Asian family in history, and I understand that you feel the same way towards all people. I salute you because you are well educated in your belief. The gay people do not want equality, to be free from hateful words, to be kicked, punched, killed, but to recruit the children. Think of the children. You are so correct in your fears, I am unable to come close to spelling out how justified you are in your belief. The gay agenda is the next Nazi Germany gestapo of the new century. It’s the Big Pink Gay Gestapo Recruitment Drive. They want to recruit youth into bathhouses, have great hair and when they are ready and of age, to play ‘ride the pink pony.’ You are brave. The Parents who are so pure, so unbiased and free of hate, it’s your right and calling to protect your children. Gangs, guns, rape, children who get pregnant and drugs are not a problem. Why your children would never fall victim to such things. They are smarter than that, for you have taught them well. You have though them your beliefs and they are strong.

But … stick with me … and explain the following to me: if your children are strong enough not to get involved with any illegal actions, or even have sex, why are they so weak against being recruited? I understand you probably feel gay people dress well, are educated, usually they have more money. Is this what you are afraid of?

Now wave your bibles and explain how it’s against god. Fall to the ground and roll around kicking at the walls and chewing your fingers at how it’s against god (or maybe you should get yourself checked for Lesch–Nyhan syndrome). Funny. I remember a story in the bible about a man going to sacrifice his son to a man in the clouds. I also remember a passage where it’s okay to beat your slave. Or not to touch a woman after her period. If you want more respect, speak your heart, and don’t hide behind religion. You want someone to hate. You need to feel that you are better than someone else. You are using your children to recruit hate. You are using your children as a shield. And if the day comes when your children turn against you, you should be proud. You taught them to be who they are. A reflection of you. Of your hate. I can’t think of one gay couple who use their children as shields, a weapon or a political sacrifice.

What great parents you are. Your children must be proud.

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