There’s Nothing Worse Than a Starfucking Ratfucker

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I see Bill Maher’s following this week’s fashion of Obama-bashing again, in the wake of Chris Matthews’s, Ed Schultz’s and Rachel Maddow’s expert analysis of the President’s Afghanistan speech and hot on the heels of latent adolescent hissyfitting at Netroots Nation. Bill wants to be relevant, so he’s revving up his old chestnut of “Obama the pussy,” so it won’t be long before he reaches into his repertoire to start musing about Obama not being black enough to suit Bill’s stereotypical tastes, as past remarks have shown that Bill views black men like the President to be ineffectual and bumbling Fred Sanford types, instead of pistol-packing ghetto gangstas whom Bill purports to admire.


Nope, the President is a pussy who panders to people he should be opposing. In Bill’s adolescently stagnated mind, Obama wants the likes of John Boehner to like him, so they agree to play golf. Ne’mind the fact that no less than LBJ had a round of golf with the Republican Senate leader, Everitt Dirksen, which resulted in Dirksen coming onside for Civil Rights’ legislation.


Bill joined the Progressive chorus of “Obama Caving” when the President effected a compromise with the Republicans which saw tax cuts for the wealthy extended until 2012 in exchange for legislation which would help the unemployed, the poor and the working poor – but then, the affluent, educated and elite Progressives of the Left and Northeastern Coasts have given scant thought in the past forty years to the working classes and the working poor. To effetes like Bill, they’re the hayseed inhabitants of Flyover country and inbred Deliverance shitkicking neo-Confederates of the red South. Of course, no mention was made either of the fact that the President’s “caving” enabled DADT to be repealed, ensured passage of the First Responders’ Bill as well as START.


Bill likes to identify himself as a Progressive, but he is anything but. As much as he calls the President out for being a fraudulent black man, Bill’s pretty much a fraudulent Progressive – in fact, he’s whiffingly close to being outed as a Republican.


Let’s take a look:-


  • Bill is a strong supporter of the Death Penalty.
  • Bill is a vociferous supporter of Israel, as strong a supporter of Israel as either Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck.
  • Bill is vehemently anti-Muslim. He’s truly alarmed that one of the most common names for a male child in Britain is Mohammed. He fears the West being overrun by Islamic hordes, and he’s actually gone on record as saying that whilst all Muslims are not terrorists, if you’re a terrorist, you’re probably a Muslim.
  • Bill supports privatisation of Social Security and has often stated this. In fact, in an earlier program this year, he illustrated by a plate of food just how many “entitlements” should be up for trimming in any government budget – chief amongst those, being Social Security and Medicare.
  • Bill is anti-union. He crossed the picket lines during the writers’ strike of 2007 and since then has refused to employ any writer who belongs to a professional union. In a show airing March 13, 2009, he slated the teaching unions and unions in general. Curiously, when it became fashionably de rigueur for the Professional Left to decamp to Wisconsin in light of Governor Scott Walker trampling on the collective bargaining rights of white-collar public sector unions, Bill added his voice; but it’s interesting to note that neither Bill nor MSNBC’s biggest proponents of unions, Ed Schultz and Rachel Maddow, have yet to discuss the blue-collar Boeing workers’ dispute in Washington state. The only people fighting for their rights are the National Labor Relations Board and the President – but since the President, in Bill’s and other peoples’ views, has neither accomplished anything of note nor is capable of doing so, this isn’t even worth a newsworthy mention.
  • In an interview aired in October 2009 with Bill Frist, Bill infamously blurted out that he didn’t want government controlling his healthcare, after spending all that current season paying lip service to the sainted public option.
  • Bill’s BFF is corporate media whore and Queen Ratfucker, Arianna Huffington – she who famously snookered the Left and the Left’s media into believing her to be the champion voice for Progressives everywhere, even when she was openly undermining the President from as early as March 2009. For all Bill affects to disdain all things corporate, he literally bowed from the waist in hommage to Arianna’s mega-million deal with AOL. This is the same Arianna Huffington who dismissed the legions of unpaid and unknown bloggers to whom she offered a platform more wantonly than Marie Antoinette dismissed the French peasantry as unimportant.
  • Bill pals around and is far too cosy with the likes of Darrell Issa, another bosom chum who sucks at the toxic tit of Arianna. In fact, Bill refers to Issa as “our Darrell Issa.” This is the same Darrell Issa, auto thief, insurance fraudster, arsonist and posessor of illegal firearms, who declared Barack Obama to be the most corrupt President ever to inhabit the Oval Office. Issa is a staple on Bill’s show.
  • Bill is against funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and NPR.
  • For most of 2009 and 2010, Bill referred to the President derisively as “Barry,” a term used almost exclusively by the ageing, disaffected and disparaging group of white men known as Teabaggers.
  • Bill not only invites Andrew Breitbart onto his panel, but he appears to defend him when he’s there and gives him credence as a bona fide journalist. On Breitbart’s second appearance, Carl Sagan’s widow confronted him about his misrepresentation of Shirely Sherrod, only to have Breitbart turn to Bill and remind him that Bill had promised him that race as a subject would not be raised on the show. Bill was forced to agree and apologise for Sagan’s widow’s outburst. Breitbart appeared earlier this year on Real Time along with liberal writer and broadcaster, Laura Flanders, and Bill gave Breitbart a lot of rein and appeared to treat Flanders as highly irrelevant and a nuisance.
  • For all he pays lip service to wanting to pay higher taxes, the truth is that Bill probably pays a lot less tax than he should. He owns two multi-million dollar properties in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles – his home and the house next door, which he treats as a guest house. These registered owner of these two properties is a charity called The Odie Trust. The Odie Trust, named for one of Bill’s dogs who died, is a paper charity only, with Bill Maher listed as CEO and Secretary. As headquarters of a registered charity, these properties are not subjected to property tax laws in the state.

Sound like a state-of-the art Progressive to you? I would say that Bill sounds pretty damned Republican to me. Truth is, Bill is whatever happens to be the fashion of the moment. If he were a responsible political wonk, he’d realise that because of whatever reason, we’re saddled with a Republican House of Representatives, which means that because fiscal legislation – like the budget and the debt ceiling kerfuffle – must originate with this lot of poseurs and grandstanders. This is where jobs’ legislation starts also, but like everyone else and his dog, the Congress, in general, likes to heap the majority of what they should be doing onto the President.


If Bill had the audacity and prescience of mind to listen and really wanted to establish himself as someone of note in commentary, he would be making mincemeat of the fact that no less than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, was brutally honest in describing the Hill Republicans’ agenda: to ensure that Barack Obama is a one-term President. Nothing else mattered.


And if Bill were truly perspicacious (and, believe me, in this instance, it’s not hard), he’d easily see how the House Republicans are stitching varous members of the Progressive caucus up like the proverbial kipper. McConnell, again, pointed this out this week, when he revealed that, were a Republican President in the White House, none of this showhorse, symbolic, repudiative legislation over Libya would ever have been introduced. In fact, McConnell reiterated, there were any number of Republicans in the Senate and in the House during Dubya’s tenure, who were opposed to his antics in the Middle East; yet they kept their mouths shut and sat on their hands in the interest of party loyalty – something which is sadly lacking amongst the Democrats.


The House Republicans find it easy enough to stroke the narcissistic ego of Little Man Syndrome sufferer Dennis Kucinich and big up big mouth Peter Di Fazio to the extent that these two have become the biggest Democratic tools in the Republican toolbox. Kucinich shouldn’t feel ashamed when his calls for impeachment and his judicial suit of the President makes its way into Republican party political messages in 2012.


And when Bill Maher whines that the President doesn’t do anything, someone who knows better needs to remind Bill, who purports to be a student of history, that the President doesn’t legislate. Congress does, and that for the better part of our nation’s history, legislation has meant debating, discussion and compromise.


Like a lot of Bill’s ilk, he voted for the black guy because it was fashionable, it elevated his street cred and made him feel better about himself as a “Progressive.” But inasmuch as a lot of people found politically on the Right, who abhor the thought of a black man in the White House, Bill, like a great many of the patronising, affluent and white Progressives on the Left, are singularly uncomfortable with a black man in the White House, who is smarter than they are, and who doesn’t do what they say to do.


The danger lies in people like Bill, who hide behind the comedian curtain, but who occupy a podium which garners the ear of a lot of people too lazy or unable to think critically for themselves; and therein lies the danger of the starfucking ratfucker.


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