America Can Not Afford An Outsourcing President

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We need a President with a business background, someone to get the economy growing and stronger. That has been the talking point of the GOP for many months. The two most prominent GOP candidates with a strong business background are Mitt Romney and John Huntsman but unfortunately both of these gentlemen have been either creating jobs overseas or buying crumbling companies, splitting them off and outsourcing American jobs.

Let’s first take a look at Mitt Romney, as an executive he would buy struggling companies, break them up and ship parts to foreign low wage countries. Now many people on the right will try to defend this as doing what he was paid to do, which was to take companies and turn them around to be profitable. The problem is, he could have turned them around, made a healthy profit,restructured them and finally kept the jobs here in America. Romney didn’t do that. He decided to make an even bigger profit by destroying communities through outsourcing. He didn’t stand with the workers of factories or other businesses at all. He decided to stand with the shareholders ONLY and I am sure some of the shareholders weren’t even American.

Now we have John Huntsman, he is another successful businessman and potentially strong GOP contender. On the social issues he is more moderate and would be a more attractive candidate to the swing voter but with the economy being the primary focus of this election, John may need to explain himself on why his business opted to create more jobs in China and India than he did in the United States.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek

Huntsman can make a convincing case that he knows something about putting people to work. One of the world’s largest chemical makers, the company he once helped run employs 12,000 people and had revenues of $9.25 billion in 2010.

That would be a killer applause line, except by the company’s own figures just 2,174 of those employees are in the U.S. The rest work around the world. The company declined to provide country-by-country details, though it did say that Huntsman Corp. has 1,151 workers in China.

“We now employ more people between China and India than we do in North America, which is really quite phenomenal when you consider that about 90 percent of our associates 10 years ago were in North America,” Chief Executive Officer Peter Huntsman, 48, a younger brother of the candidate, told an industry conference this month.

In the article the company says they never outsourced one job. They have never stopped producing something in America to outsource the job to another country. While that may be true, there was nothing stopping them from hiring American workers and shipping it around the world, many companies do that everyday.

As a CEO, you make those decisions based on one thing, maximum profitability. The question I would ask, are profits and dividend checks to shareholders more important than keeping Americans working?

Now John is a more palatable candidate than Mitt, essentially because Romney was like a vulture, circling dying companies, busting them up and outsourcing the jobs. Huntsman could have made a profit with his company also, just not as large as $9 billion in 2010.

America can not afford a CEO President who put the shareholders interests and lives above the stakeholders, which is you and me. We need a President willing to stand up for the worker, because out of all the corporations and wealthy people in this country, it is the middle class who needs a real champion.


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