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"kids reviewing films made for kids"

Last fall, KIDS FIRST! launched its first search campaign to find five kids, ages 7-14 to become official Film Critics. The campaign drew just under 100 contestants and these contestants generated 11 milllion votes. We were floored by the response and the enthusiasm of the kids who entered the competition. This year’s campaign will run August through October and we are encouraging kids to start practicing their skills now on our site, where we are giving away $100 a month to child who gets the most votes for their reviews.

Here’s an example of a film review by one of our Film Critics, 13-year-old Raven Devanney. She definitely resonated with this film which opened last weekend. In fact, when I last spoke with her, she had plans to go see it a second time.

Here’s her review: “Something Borrowed is a brilliant laugh-out-loud comedy. I guarantee you’ll laugh so hard your sides will hurt!

am in love with this movie! It is so hilarious I almost fell out of my set at the theater! The visual aspects of this film are great because of the crisp images and the dialogue is so funny. My favorite character is Ethan because he is so blunt and straight forward. There  is no hiding his emotions and I laugh at almost every thing he says and does!

Something that is so clever about this movie is that it is very emotional, so you can go from cracking up to crying in one scene.

The only thing that really bothers me about this film is the ending. I do not think Dex and Claire should be together in the end, I mean, I know they wait for 6 years but it just doesn’t sit right with me and I feel bad for how Claire and Darcy’s relationship ended up.

This movie is for ages 13 and up because teens and adults will love it for the hilarious adult humor and it is pretty inappropriate for children under 13.

So if you’re 13 and up hurry to the nearest theater on May 6th! Don’t wait! I give Something Borrowed 2 thumbs up!

You can also watch her video review here: Something Borrowed by Raven Devanney

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