Crossing the Line: From Princess to Prostitute

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Ever since Bill Clinton said, ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman,’ little girls of the western world have been doling out blow jobs like lolli-pops.

It is the enigmatic constant of human nature that despite all the social changes, we don’t really change that much.

Men will always take sex that is offered to them with no strings attached. Women will always assume that sex and love are the same things.

But when you are a thirteen-year-old girl with no real experience of men, sex or love, how the hell can you be expected to know the difference?

This is the thrust of a recent article on Jezebel (mainstream online feminist website), which laments the fact that it is now more common for little girls to dress like strippers and swap sexual favours for boys’ affections.

Then the little girls get upset when said boy – who has yet to start shaving – is more interested PS2 and his mates.

In these scenarios the players are too young to lay blame but this behaviour is hardly the foundation for healthy sex lives later in life.

Because once those little girls grow up their main aim will be to find a man who sees them as so much more than just a sexual object – that’s difficult enough without spending the best part of their teenage years sucking on random cocks.

It also, sadly, leaves them much more vulnerable to the advances of predatory males.

Don’t believe me? Let me give you an example.

Have you heard of Tucker Max? Seemingly he’s huge in the States and he happily admits to being a huge asshole when it comes to women, in fact that’s his claim to fame.

For the vast majority of men, the world is a much more complicated place than it was fifty years ago. Now, not only do they have to take the opinions of women on board, they are encouraged to identify and express their own femininity too.

Mr. Max appeals to all those boyos who are repulsed by this idea. He represents an old school hankering after the good old days when cheap women could be treated like dirt and as long as no one knew about it, nothing was ever wrong.

In his blog post, “Tucker Tries Buttsex,” he describes in pretty sordid detail an occasion when he convinced a girl he’d been shagging for about four months to have anal sex with him.

The story is intentionally shocking but amongst its most disturbing moments is her announcement that she will grant his wish in return for an expensive meal in a fancy restaurant on a weekend night.

To her 19-year-old mind this act translates to a sign of generosity that confirms his love. To his 21-year-old mind, this is a cheap date. He thinks nothing of spending $400 on the meal.

I could respect this girl more if she said, ‘oh yeah babe, fuck me up the ass, I’ve always wanted to do anal.’

But she didn’t. She said, ‘buy me an expensive bottle of bubbly and my body is yours.’

This was her litmus test for love.

Now stop me if I am wrong but isn’t that prostitution?

At this stage in the proceedings, both of them are acting pretty stupidly but it doesn’t stop there. Hell-bent on making the most of the occasion, Tucker asks a friend to hide in the wardrobe and film the event. He doesn’t mention this to our heroine.

When he gets her home, he wastes no time in squirting enough lube up her chute to dislodge a hernia. Little wonder when her bowels retaliate by showering his groin in excrement. The smell of her explosion sends all three into fits of vomiting.

Needless to say, when she realised she was being filmed she ran from his house sans clothes and ID.

He wonders at the end of the article why he never heard from her again? Most likely because the poor girl was traumatised for a very long time after that incident. No doubt it took her years to trust another guy, if ever.

So while he’s enjoying himself on Venice Beach and lapping up the royalties from his latest sex scandal confession, she’s in therapy.

I am glad that she dumped on his dick and stunk up his apartment. He absolutely deserved that.

But in Tucker’s defence it was never his intention to hurt that girl. He just wanted anal sex and she was willing to provide. But will it forever be the responsibility of women to curb man’s masochistic tendencies?

Look on Amazon and there are a tonne of books about women by women: ‘Female Chauvinist Pigs,’ ‘One Dimensional Woman’ and ‘Living Dolls.’ These titles demonstrate the firm interest women have in exploring their own behaviours and sexualities and their efforts to always evolve towards something better.

Where’s the male equivalent? Is there ever going to be a day when a man has the ability to look at his own behaviour and think, ‘no, better not do that, that would be bad?’ How can our little girls grow up good when little boys never have to grow up at all?



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