What is a Middle Class Traitor?

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Middle Class Traitors are members of the middle class who think they have more in common with the rich and/or think they will someday be rich. As a result, they support government policies and cast votes against their own interests and those of the middle class.

The above definition, for which I take full responsibility, is the focus of my blog, Middle Class Traitors, which started May 1st with this post.

I believe that Middle Class Traitors are ruining the quality of life in our country by supporting a right-wing republican agenda. Divide and conquer? In their misguided desire to demonstrate that they have more in common with the rich, they have sold out the middle class in a perverted belief in the possibility of a life of future wealth that they will invariably never see. Trickle down economics?

However, since everything is possible here is the USA, these middle class traitors cannot allow taxes on the rich to be raised even at the loss of valuable government programs today, as they too could one day be rich!

So I’ll be writing about Middle Class Traitors in respect to economic as well as social issues. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re a middle class republican, you’re a middle class traitor. To be a republican and subscribe to the Ryan budget proposal attempt at a dismantling of a major segment of this country’s social safety net is radical enough to be looked upon as treasonous. Can we as a country allow a “survival of the fittest” social re-engineering of both federal and state governments due to a pathological refusal by republicans to increase taxes on the top tiers?

Stay tuned for more postings at http://www.middleclasstraitors.com

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