Creative Free Market Ends Poverty As We Know It

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Widow Susan Karches and Christy Mack, wife of Morgan Stanley Chairman John Mack, in 2008 borrowed $220 million from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, for direct deposit in a tax evaders Cayman Islands bank. Using the same opportunity, called TALF ((Term Asset-Backed Securities), bankrupt Morgan Stanley borrowed $2 trillion. (

Complying with Glass-Steagall regulations, J.P. Morgan divested their investment banking as Morgan Stanley September 16, 1935. In 2008 Morgan Stanley had operated for 73 years on Wall Street.

Widow Karches and Mack founded their company, Waterfall TALF Opportunity, on the spot, for the purpose of providing retirement income to the needy Widow Karches, and a little extra for Mack because her husband was losing income running Morgan Stanley into the ground. Neither Karches nor Mack operated a business at the time. Waterfall TALF Opportunity received a $220 million TALF loan and then invested in asset-based securities, a Ponzi scheme, which sent Madoff to jail for 150 years.

The humantiarian Federal Reserve Bank of New York self-authorized nonrecourse zero interest TALF loans (funded by taxpayers) to serve the credit needs of households and small businesses during the 2008 world depression. (

With the Susan Karches Widow’s Retirement Business Model needy retirees NEVER AGAIN will fall into abject destitution or die from lack of medical care, as it succeeded for the needy Widow Karches. Morgan Stanley will graciously assist needy retirees to borrow zero interest nonrecourse TALF loans from the New York Fed(funded by taxpayers). Then retirees will purchase asset-backed securities that will generate interest income for their retirement for life. This interest income will at least equal government social security and medicare, maybe a little extra, maybe a lot.

The Susan Karches Widow’s Retirement Business Model liberates the elderly from dependence on fickle federal government largess, like Social Security or Medicare, or tax collections and increases. The supremely efficient Free Market outperforms government once again, expanding opportunity and creating enormous wealth from nothing. Free of wasteful government regulations and oversight, the Free Market dramatically shows it is the solution to social security and medicaid gratis funding shortfalls.

Morgan Stanley will profit from their philanthropy because they will collect fees for their fiduciary services and sale of asset-backed securities.

Free Market visionary Rep. Paul Ryan has invited President Obama and Sen. Harry Reid to celebrate the end of  Washington D.C. warfare no longer necessary because needy retirees will become productive capitalist investors instead of useless eaters.

Both Democrats and Tea Party-Republicans happily endorse the creative Free Market solution. They don’t even have to vote for TALF, because the Federal Reserve does not draw funds from the Treasury (although the Treasury is obligated to buy borrowers’ defaulted collateral through TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program)).

Free Market visionary Rep. Ryan recommends that the Susan Karches Widow’s Retirement Business Model be applied to medicaid recipients also.

With unlimited exuberance he autonomically suggests that the efficient Free Market Model be expanded to all unemployed, underemployed, small businesses, home owners and students, in short the needy majority. Every American can and should be a productive capitalist investor just like Widow Karches and Mack have shown is so easy to do. All it requires is a signature, and Morgan Stanley does all the rest, including direct deposit in a Caymans tax evader account.

Republican governors need not cut budgets and services or bust public employee unions, just line their state treasuries up for nonrecourse zero interest TALF loans. No taxes, let alone increases, will ever be needed again. Deficits will melt away. All it requires is a signature, and Morgan Stanley does all the rest, including direct deposit in a Caymans tax evader account. Let asset-based securities bought with TALF loans generate income for states, not taxes.

Every bankrupt city, county, school district, now has a zero tax solution to their budget crises–nonrecourse zero interest TALF loans. All it requires is a signature, and Morgan Stanley does all the rest, including direct deposit in a Caymans tax evader account. Let asset-based securities bought with TALF loans generate income, not taxes.

Even the bankrupt federal government can end its deficit and lack of income. All it requires is a signature, and Morgan Stanley does all the rest, including direct deposit in a Caymans tax evader account. Let asset-based securities bought with TALF loans generate income for the government, not taxes. Sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose.

The Free Market is the cure-all for poverty for individuals, businesses and government, for overtaxation, for deficits. The Susan Karches Widow’s Retirement Business Model ends poverty as we know it, enabling every American and every government unit to be a top 1% productive investor super wealthy. No longer is America burdened by the bottom 99% unproductive majority.

Since 100% of Americans will now enjoy income and wealth as the top 1% already enjoy, there will be no need for taxes, or government, neither to collect taxes nor to pass out entitlements. There will be no need for lobbyists, or Democrats, or Tea Party-Republicans. Every American shall be a rugged self-supporting individualist, a capitalist, an investor, borrowing from TALF, and purchasing asset-backed securities.

Rep. Ryan has already applied for his TALF loan through Morgan Stanley now that he will soon be a useless politician and extremist. He was right. He won. We all win. What a brilliant humanitarian Rep. Ryan has become.

Why didn’t the smartest men and women on the earth, Wall Street, think of this earlier? The Free Market hoarded this simple creative solution. Crony capitalism, long  denied to ordinary citizens, now harnesses the unlimited power of the Free Market to provide what government no longer could or can.

Share and share alike, we teach our children in families, schools and churches. Wall Street philanthropists and the humanitarian Federal Reserve Bank of New York have shown Americans the true path to prosperity and classless society, no pockets of poverty, not even the homeless or horrendously institutionalized mentally ill and retarded.

Who ever imagined that profit driven Morgan Stanley or the secretive Federal Reserve would create a fantastic utopia for all classless Americans, so easily, with a mere signature, and the magic of leverage and insider connections. As Widow Karches went from Bowery soup kitchen to multi-millionairess, so all Americans now share in the bottomless humanitarian bounty.

The federal government has but two choices: 1) to embrace the Susan Karches Widow’s Retirement Business Model for all retirees, for all Americans; Or, 2) to prosecute Susan Karches and Christy Mack for fraud. Refusal to prosecute endorses criminal misuse of tax payers’ earnings to support the super wealthy; separates Americans into two classes, those in need or who earn a modest living AND THOSE PRIVILEGED WITH GREAT WEALTH WHO STEAL MORE WEALTH FROM THE NEEDY AND MODEST WAGE EARNERS WITH GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE.


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