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News coverage, supposedly by professional journalists, AND social net-workers, probably not professional journalists, miss the KEY question about Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus’ “muddled” discovery of 14,315 Brookfield votes days after the election.

Voters used ballots or voting machines. Where are these actual voter records? Under whose custody and security?

Chatty Kathy and her “personal” laptop are secondary evidence. (Personal notes. Summations. Additional evidence of deception, manipulation, fraud, etc. Additional charges.)

Chatty Kathy, past MULTIPLE accused felon and immunized state’s witness in 1998-2002 political campaign prosecutions, faces “Martha Stewart” charge, lying to a federal agent, 18 USC Section 1001. (Move your lips, you lie. Another story another day.)

Her laptop contains 14,315 charges, the  “discovered”  Brookfield votes, unless the ballots and voting machines back up her “personal” notes and summations.

FBI Chicago Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory are experts and will uncover EVERYTHING. NOTHING can be permanently deleted, demagnetized, time-date altered….

Or covered up! Cyber-crime on one’s hard-drive is permanent. Attempts to cover up are permanent. BOTH are separate charges.

Then, what happened to the ballots or machines? Destruction of evidence….

Did she have helpers destroying ballots or tampering with voting machines? More defendants, many more charges. Simple fraud becomes complex and nasty.

ADD conspiracy, RICO, Reconstruction-KKK 14th Amendment , etc., many more charges.

Co-conspirators face prosecutions. Prosser? His staff? Prosser Funders? Governor Walker, Senator Scott Fitzgerald, his father, State Patrol Superintendent Stephen Fitzgerald? Republican funders and political fronts? Many more defendants, many many more charges. Lives, careers, families, fortunes ruined.

Because the State Patrol is family connected to the main actors of the initiating controversy creates conflict of interest, any investigation must be federal.

ALL face “Martha Stewart” charge, a stand alone prosecution without any underlying criminal charge. Even Governor Walker, Senator Fitzgerald and Superintendent Stephen Fitzgerald. A simple “no”, nod or silence can be a felony.

So many defendants, so many charges. What started as simple vote fraud has backfired into a nationwide prosecution of many who thought they were too clever, too powerful, too big to be caught. Buying elections can be very costly.

An ambitious prosecutor will be on the express train to high political office of his choosing.

The KEY question remains unanswered–journalists failed to investigate the existence and location of the ballots or voting machines?

Put YOUR boots on the ground-walk, poke, investigate. Find the ballots and voting machines.

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